• Pasteleria Jacques

  • If you pay a visit to Pasteleria Jacques (and you should), don't leave without buying a loaf of brioche; this perfect loaf is well worth the inconvenience of carrying bread around the city and is proof positive that this is one of the best bakeries in Bogotá. Once you've torn yourself away from the bakery, the rest of this café is equally as splendid. Baroque gold and gilt mirrors are offset by red velvet drapes and plush chairs, and you feel as though you've entered a fine Parisian bakery. Everything served is deliciously decadent with magnificent cream-laden desserts, perfect croissants and sandwiches brimming with the best produce. Opera music provides a soft backdrop to this hedonistic fantasy, and every detail is carefully tailored - even the bill arrives in a quaint tin box painted with old-fashioned figures.
    • Calle 109, No. 20-82
    • +57 1 620 9458
    • Open: 3pm-3am Mon-Sun

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